Countdown clock for the #HuaweiMate10Pro launch
Rob could use a break at the #MWEBGMZ #CODWWIIZA event
FNB has launched two new #FNBConeXis phones. X2 R199/month, 32GB, VR support
#ege2017 Polygod - find it on Steam Early Access
#ege2017 @clockworkacorn's at the @iesaorg stand
#ege2017 @africangaming's Injustice 2 tournament semi finals
Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse @vala_game is back at @egesa_expo #ege2017
Supergirl has been the character to beat in @egesa_sa #ege2017 Injustice 2 tournament
Building Blocks exhibition: ceramic Orc cookie jar by Alessandro Pappada
Building Blocks exhibition: TMNT decks by Nadia Estelwen Viljoen
Building Blocks exhibition: art by Alessandro Pappada
Building Blocks exhibition: art by Nadia Estelwen Viljoen
I'm the proud owner of @themightylayman's 1st signed Eleanor. @fanconcomiccon #loot
#seriousgames Last team: VPUU + Sea Monster. @seamonstersa is a very experienced game dev company
#seriousgames Team Next Question still intro-ing team, not game
#seriousgames Team Vukuzenzele is presenting its reblocking game
#seriousgames Indie Collective with mobile clicker game My Hood up first
The @seriousgamessa finals are about to start.
Thanks for the awesome Christmas card @dwuff and @benGgeldenhuys!
#stayinalivesa It's a COD zombies v 80s battle
#stayinalivesa COD: Infinite Warfare launch at @MWEBGMZ
Battlefield 1 launch at @mwebgmz #mwgmzbf1

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