Chinese Share Bike Graveyard #bluegogo #rip #therecanonlybeone #inamsterdamsoon (picture by Chen Zixiang for Guardian)
Mik wil zich inleven in de coaches...
as cute as they can get... Eli Manu van Abbe, October 2017
home sweet home
new friends
Lunch in the harbour
Goodbye Moria, hope winter will be mild 😰
in the bar with Hussam. Hussam fled Iraq in 23rd of june 2016, arrivee on my birthday (June 30th 2016) and is volunteering and helping since July 1st. Alles komt uiteindelijk goed, maak je geen zorgen! ❤️
meeting Linca
dinner at Nikos and Katerina
Kara Tepe grew beautifully!
Today 140 refugees finally leave Lesbos towards Athens. Their next destination.

Every week on the other side of the island 300 new refugees arrive every week. Slowly the numbers are cumulating again. Not towards the numbers of the massive exodus of two years ago, but that makes NO difference for the individuals. The main camp Moria is built for 1500 people but now, 6000 people from many different origins are packed into the place. 
Imagine 300 new airbnb guests are distributed in your and your neighbors houses... and they don’t leave.

Scared kids, teenagers by themselves who have lost their parents, people without any securities or idea where they will end up.
Mika became the head of his clan (clash of clans) and changed the description of his group ❤️#infinitelove #empathy #prouddad #tearsofhappiness
Winter is coming #lesbos #tragedy
our group
good morning Mitilíni
so we meet again
gefeliciteerd klojo ❤️🐥 #mika10
Sint was here
ergens in de polder #mika10

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