Remotely watching the fireworks at home via Ring :) #besafehomeboat
Last update in 2017! We will launch in 2018 #facts #joinkinder #kinderworld
snow face #snowangel #mikarules
what have I done to deserve this #luckyman
how we feel in the snow!
ABT #alwaysbetanning #bettersafethansorry #wearhelmetskids
in the mountains ❤️
Rise and shine
in-flight entertainment
heerlijk ventje
even checken of Mik wel oplet op het verkeer als ie aan het Pokemonnen is... Hij heeft mij al 10 minuten niet in de gaten... 😂😂😂 #wow
wow, really love the new @tinkebell pieces she made. 
Flower collage made out of flowers picked on July 30 in the year 2017 in Okuma. (approx. 8 km from the Daiichi powerplant in Fukushima, Japan)  This is a location situated in the Red Zone of 'no return zone' of Fukushima. Which means that the radiation level is high. (over 20 milisievert per year)
Only former residents are allowed to enter this area for a few hours per day max. Being there without proper protection is not safe. 
The flower collages are stored in a box of concrete. No radioactive parts will get through.
That makes it completely safe.

doggy style
probably #thisartfair
This art fairy
Familie 😻
Eli, Boxing Day, 2017
lekker zooitje
Jantelov #hyggekerst

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