Opening dance! #marsmatt
Marijn working on our marcom gadget #Wakoopa
Dinosaurs with lasers
Nicely filled pub for an early afternoon ;)
Wouter is taking us boxershortshopping
Nice library!
Fancy Great Hall at the Scottish Ruby Conference
@jansn zoekt nog een leeg glas #bowlr
We caught a mouse!
@renn's new hat
Taco shop gets raided by RubyEnRails
Oh, that's where I parked my boat
Krause : no guts, no glory live at sugar factory
Newcope @work
Taco Shop!
Farmville for real, where is my tractor?
Bij de Bosbaan. Nice weather afterall
Ready for #stikk
Ze Frank getting interviewed
@robertgaal cake is waiting for you!
#foursquarefail evidence @ sarphaat
Fork vs. Marshmallow: 1-0
This room is seriously small
Beef Bimi - Primal food of today

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