Unfortunately.. we won the first set against the Swiss, but couldn't play we way we wanted in the remainder of the game. Congratulations to Switserland, unfortunately our Olympic Games are over.
Just one more good night sleep and then we will finally kick off our knockout stage! So excited to play Switserland tomorrow at 20:00 local time!
Incredibly close match against Bawden / Clancy: 25-27, 21-18, 14-16. We definitely wanted to win this, but at least we have the opportunity to do so in the next round.
WIN! Costa Rica caught us off guard at the start, but we finished with a 21-16, 21-16 win. Still on top of the group and fighting to keep it in two days!
Great day off yesterday! Easy excercise in the gym, a visit to the Oakley House and a few games of Ligretto to improve our speed and focus. Excited to play again today!
We had to get back into it a little against Venezuela, but during the match we got better and better! 21-17, 21-11 and on to Costa Rica in two days.
What a beauty!! Are you ready? Tune in an 23:30 CET to NOS(.nl) and watch us live!
Just a few hours of sleep left untill our first match day! So proud to be part of #TeamNL, let's see if we can push up that amount of 37 medallists;)
Ouch... It was a tournament full of close matches and this time was no else. Unfortunately we lost the last set 16-18, so game over in Porec for us..
We beat Germany this afternoon, so we managed to advance to the knockout stage. Spain is up next, this evening!
Tough first day in Porec! we started off well in both matches, but couldn't keep up our level. Tomorrow will be a do or die day!
Tough first day in Porec! we started off well in both matches, but couldn't keep up our level. Tomorrow will be a do or die day!
No smiles on our faces tonight.. We managed to beat Germany 2-0, but Slovakia took the better of us tonight: 17-21, 19-21.
Here we go!! Three wins in the group stage, so we can skip the first round tomorrow. Next up is Germany or Greece. 13.40 tomorrow!
Not the way we wanted to win this morning.. our Spanish opponents ran into each other and got injured. Hope you will recover soon!
Happy faces! Just beat our 'frienemy's 2-0, after losing to them twice. On to the quarter finals against Brazil!
Got it! Tough match against China, but a good 15-8 finish in the third set. Now we will face Germany and try to take revanche for our match in Moscow!
Quarter finals here we come! Next up are two familiar faces once again: Slukova/Hetmannova, who we played last week in Moscow!
Group stage winners! This means we can skip one knockout stage and have the morning off tomorrow. Nothing makes us happier:)
We had to get into it this morning, but our engine only got stronger and stronger during day 1! 2-0 win against Sweden this evening and on to the battle for first place tomorrow!
Winners! The Norwegians got us in the second set, but eventually we won the game 2-1  (21-14, 19-21, 15-9). Now on to the next match at 18:00!
Great start of the knock-out stage! Just beat Switzerland 2-0, next up is Canada at 16:00 CET!

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