Dunuh nananana baatmaannn
no these r mine :P @peteraplumeri
@Gadgetman509 yes this photo is from that night, i look weird.
on? off...
someone is popping out to say hi ;) #kpuff
fresh out of the shower, since u guys like no make up
suck it @laserick 's co-worker ;;)
all cozy... maybe quickie nap
@haileyyd me and you <3 miss you petrie!
hahahahaha i'm bored
anyways here's a pic
yawn... stretch ;;)
on the phone with no make-up, promised pic :P
thanks to my girl @farrahLynnn this made my day LOL!
lol it's a real thing http://www.shreddiesgifts.com/giftware/
Ready for the day NYC :) yes we can laugh at my false advertisement bra :P
My view with my guy for the evening ;;)
Oh... Here's the nails -_-
Someone is sleepy... I'm afraid to take a nap and not wake up 4 my appointment :(
On that note, poppin one of these for the first time!
Alright i'm gonna do it... At least I keep trying to better myself
Traditional photo... And they sent a psychiatrist again. I always scare them. She asked if I liked to stay and said NO!

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