my boyfriend woke me up, so cheers! so I can pass out and sleep while he works today ;;)
Out for dinner and drinks ;;)
@haileyyd sowy I could help it... I found barnaby's cousin :D
My entertainment... And yes that's a tangled coloring book. My face had the biggest smile when I found it!!!
I'm bored so I made at @deadmau5 with my chex mix... Then I ate it.
i already miss my extensions... i can't wait to have them back in 2 weeks :(
hailey doesn't like posing so she looked away, we did katy perry make up night
a pic i sent to this guy who wanted to see me without makeup... and he's laughing at my pjs :(
feels weird taking photos without my fake eyelashes but whatev.... short hair
Woke up to bunny cuddling next to me... Making cooing/purring sounds #painfullycute
my tangled outfit :)

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