Then this!
This first tonight
Just like old times. Napoleons!
She's 118 lbs and eating this
Las Vegas!
Looks like I'm staying at a klassy hotel
Oh yes. We are in hot tub heaven.
At sisters/b-in-law's going away party
Some mad squirrel has dug up my plant
Fantastic NOLA sounding music every year
Paying respects to Sweet Daddy Grace
Poor guys suffering in this heat
The annual parade on the circle
My coworker in his gothprom dress
Hot Norwegians @royksopp 9:30 club
Damn that's big
Haha. Best. Present. Ever.  #TeaTowelFromNasty
My coworker says "everything is A-OK in Kenya"
Sophie B leaves the stage
Think she's taking her dress off?
Ur. Breit-bart.
It'd be a barve cowboy who'd wear this
Ivan's birthday

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