twins giving you the business  @BRRay23
Riley Curry is nowhere near bad as hell compared to this
@thelifeofjay @Wames now compare Riley Curry to this
the slideshow that prompted all these questions. @BRRay23 is bae.
@BRRay23 oh it was me.
jammin' #work
@HandsomeRandy I would have hit you with my whole packet. lol
@HandsomeRandy I was there
best part of my day....picking up the twinsies.
#nottype #nah
 these two are CRAZY
@industrialist00 @StrickAngel meanwhile at GSFC
@McDeedus oh yeah!!! it was amazing. my 3rd time seeing him live. lol really went for Chris tho
it's been a long day, without you my friend
throw sum mo’ @Wames
my serenade to you on your bday
@industrialist00 just listen to the video lol @BRRay23
@HandsomeRandy you can even have them when they are bad! lol
the ultimate homewrecker song
@industrialist00 @Wames @thelifeofjay @MiloSmith_ @BRRay23 @StrickAngel
your verse on shake ya tailfeather remixed into a country song
@WINEcoloredKISS it was AMAZING!!!

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