My view
My Lil nigga listen to too much rap but the shit live tho lol
I hate cracking these bitches
When Bird died my city cried 100 nights
Lastnight I ain't get in till 6 & my dog was thru on his b day lol
Wit my dog
Last night
Lastnight .
Me & 4 block
My Lil homegirl have me a key chain
Last night I was drunk driving
My night just started
Late night cuts
Baseball Bat
Takin shots
They all
Silly as hell
High as hell
I ain't answering the phone till tomorrow .
On chill
We on 96 . I hope he fall out this bitch
I cooked this earlier
Bout to pull up in the hood & drink wit my dogs

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Anthony Jones


im a young dude from detroit michigan. born and raised on the NORTHEND. turning all my dreams into reaities is what i hustle 4


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