That #CUUSOO website is so awesome. Look what I've got! #LEGO #Curiosity #Mars
Officiƫle uitreiking certificaat WOZ LV conformiteit voor Neuron Registratie 7.2 van @vicreatweet
Mmm, Skylab toilet. Really? Respect, dudes..
Almost forgot to snap an image of it, but my Texas Style Apple Pie (bedankt, Rudolph!) was a succes at Christmas brunch today.
Testexemplaar van Texas Style Apple Pie (met caramel en pecans) van afgelopen week; de definitieve versie voor de kerstbrunch van morgen staat nu in de oven, met een extra kersttintje.
Kaaskrullen #mmmm
Left = fog in the morning, and Right = some blue in the afternoon. /cc @ProjectTripod
Surface 2; not just loved by people. ;-)
All builds at @vicreatweet are green right now. :-) #alm #blink1
Allons-y! ;-)
We've got 'em. First time setup of #Surface2 underway.
Took a really long time, but finally framed this based GPS trace map by @thisweekinmaps
Now this is a useful message, especially since the green button gives same one after a while... #fail
Ready for Surface 2 reveal. Should be home right about on time.
Yes, crappy..
Was finally able to get Netflix for Windows 8 installed. #finally #whysodamndifficult
Server problem, huh? You don't say... :-/
Internet Explorer had no problem with this connection, you piece of crapp... #Win8 #Store
Mobiel is belangrijk, maar dit is ook niet handig...
Probleem nieuwe nusport site in #wpnl browser @brechtjedeleij
Probleem nieuwe nusport site in #wpnl browser @brechtjedeleij
"OSM Data on Windows" should be interesting.. #sotm13
"Hi! I'm a developer and want to help openstreetmap" #sotm13
Dit dus.. :-/ @mahoekst

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