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Why individuals get addicted to substance even in their late years 


Individuals at their late years often abuse substance not knowing or even sometimes they know it but pretending not knowing it. That’s why every individual who get addicted to substance even in their late years has no exception to substance addiction treatment.

Why do you think we need to find the right substance addiction treatment for them? It’s because there are substance addiction treatment that focuses only for the senior citizen, because they have the professional who specialized in handling elderly adults who are in substance addiction, they also have the right facilities that perfectly fit for an elderly adults.

There are many risk factors that get an elderly into substance addiction and there are:

• Living alone
As we grow old things just passed away and we intend to be alone and reminisce the old times and living alone is what pushes us to use and abuse substance.

• Family history of substance abuse
Is also one big factor of having your addiction carrying until you get old, so my advice live separate with your family.

• Mental health issues
Is another problem why senior adults abuse drug because they don’t have control of themselves.

• Earlier substance abuse
Due to family history of substance abuse there is a big chance that you may get in a substance abuse in early age.

• Chronic pain
Getting old means getting lots of ailments, and the more we want the pain just go away we intend to use more dosage of painkiller not knowing we are using it in a wrong way.

• Boredom
An associate with living alone is getting bored and lonely that’s why many of us abuse substance just to pass the day.

Let’s not ignore these risk factors and give them back the love and care they need and support their Substance Addiction Treatment.

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