Dinner Fatijas 
Getting it done even on rest day! 💪💪💪 #healthy4life
Happy Friday 13th! Great workout sweaty and sore!! Its already warm one and it was 615am when I left...whew!
Spacing my food prep over the weekend..easier to deal with energy wise

Final product 6 meals of pork chops, frwsh green and yellow beans and rice! 
Yum #healthy4life
July 7th Workout & pictures 
Im gonna start every month post pictures see if there is any differences..
Really want to change, improve myself, 💕💕💕 myself again. 
I was dedicated to healthy me before I know it can happen again just need to overcome my negative thoughts and actions! 💪💪💪 Heres hoping you all will cheer and support me 😊 Need all the love I can get.
Holiday Monday Workout #takeitonedayatatime #healthy4life
Oh oh kitty spotted fishy 
But no worries fishy okay
Couldnt resists adding these cute kitty pics (parents) looking after
Happy Wednesday! Damn it was chilly today...not June weather for sure
Great wheel today...some straight and hilly  roads made a challenging workout 💪💪
New recipe..smells so good
Never miss a day even on Relaxing Sunday #healthy4life
Start your week right 😊 #healthy4life
Food prep to be successful for the week! #healthy4life
Never miss a day..even if rainy & holy fog
Happy May 4th Friday! #healthy4life
Starting May off right 💪💪 #healthy4life
For all my fitness friends! 💪👍😁

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