My favourite xmas xard of the 2016! Thanks @ladyvee527 love it 💕
Funny or creepy? LOL
Xmas 2016
Xmas 2016
Not much of a pretty view..but a view from 12th flr
Beautiful sunrise this morning 3.7km #healthy4life  #celldoesntdoitjustice
Happy Halloween
Oktoberfest 2016 #koolhaus2016 Kitchener
Wheel today..whew hot day
#Ready by Todd Carey
Order it now if havent already
Lovin' it! 
#toddsquad @toddcarey @ihearttoddcarey
#greatstrideswalk2016 Awesome day..great weather
And beat my score from last year Wahoo!
Mother Natures April Fools Prank a day late lol..Welcome to Canada Spring
Meeting Boys II Men Awesome night!!!
5km done..much better time ☺  #healthyliving4life
First time making potato wedges turned out good...dinner was yummy #healthyliving
Finally happened! Yeah 💕💕☺☺
#beauitfulday #heaven

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