Positive displacement pumps
21 Sep 2020 09:18

Positive displacement pumps 

From pumping brine, to 300°C deep-frying oil, food grade pumps are subject to some of the toughest applications. Make sure your pump is equipped to perform well in the most unrelenting conditions with Prime Pump’s range of hygienic pumps. Prime Pump searched the globe for the best food and beverage transfer pumps and brought them home. Our extensive range ensures that you find a pump that meets your performance requirements and is suited to the temperature, viscosity of the liquid being transferred and whether the product is shear sensitive. Our selection includes German brands SIHI and Wangen Twin Screw Pumps and American brand Cornell.

Our food grade progressive cavity pump includes Wangen’s HYLINE series known for its flexible and maintenance free joint is coated with elastomer; the KB-SL series boasting an EHEDG-certified surface with a roughness of RA < 0.8 μm; and the KL-SL series offering a Cleaning in Place (CIP) feature. Our food grade centrifugal pumps are sourced from SIHI and Cornell. We have Cornell’s hydro-transport food process pump that boast the lowest product damage rates in the industry. We also have food grade oil transfer pump from Cornell that can handle temperatures up to 200°C and SIHI that can transfer hot oil up to 350°C.

Wangen Twin screw pumps feature high rpm range making them applicable for both, pumping and cleaning. Their high quality materials and impressive design help operators avoid time-consuming cleaning, frequent repairs and excessive wear. At Prime Pump, we make it our responsibility to provide pumps built for situations where lives, livelihood and the environment can be at stake, especially when it comes to hygienic pumps. Get in touch with our team on 0800 482 747 and we’ll help you find the best pump for your application. Diaphragm pumps are for applications in all cases where the capacity to transfer thick liquids, containing abrasives or solid bodies in suspension, is required, and a high flow rate where the discharge head is not high.

The diaphragm pump is a 'positive displacement' pump which means for every pulse, the same amount of fluid, air, or mix of both is pumped. When the diaphragm is drawn up, this discharge valve is sucked closed, and at the same time the suction flap valve opens to let the liquid into the pump chamber. At Prime Pump, we supply diaphragm pumps, also known as positive displacement pumps, from the world’s leading brands. This includes Caffini, the pump manufacturer from Italy. The pumps we supply are engineered for performance and durability, so you can have maximum confidence in the quality of the solution. In addition, we offer unrivalled levels of support and customer service, with our services delivered by a highly knowledgeable team. From helping you select the right pump for your needs to optimising your new pump’s set-up, we can help.

For more info: https://primepump.co.nz/products/industrial/diaphragm-pumps/


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