Celebrating 23 years of marriage to my best friend & protector!! Love you Babes!!
It's not a bad idea to teach yourself how to identify yarrow in the wild. It could save someone's life.
Love the @SheaMoisture commercial. Was looking for  @Nap85 but she was cut off so I had to post this still shot.
D'Angelo #Prince tribute tonight
#GreaseLive behind the scenes
#GreaseLive behind the scenes #MarioLopez
#GreaseLive behind the scenes via my hubby #BoyzIIMen
Here's a sample of the food I'm cooking in  @myvirgokitchen
Be sure to follow!!! If you like eating.
@Sadieisonfire here's 12 pieces 
Did you know that the Lapis Lazuli stone was treasured in Ancient Egypt? I stare at my Lapis jewelry & I smile.
I'm eady to begin reading about statue heads & other real & tangible African artifacts discovered in the Americas.
@AlienWarlord several ton statue heads aren't usually erected for slaves. #CoverUp
Free eBook on Amazon: The Moors in Spain by Stanley Lane-Pool.
Reflecting on the thought that I live on a ball that suspended in air.
Finally, my #DIY foot jewelry sees the light of day. #MrytleBeach #FatPiggies #Ahhh
@GittyDoe this audiobook is the truth also. Over 24 hours of lectures from a very qualified Egyptologist.
@NapturalNicole here's a REALLY close shot...
Thanks!! Already made a dashboard page RT @ErinCondren @Raqueldog love this!
I re-seasoned my cast iron skillet. Want to learn how? I documented the steps on my website:  http://www.kinkycurlfriend.com/natural-life/seasoning-cast-iron-cookware
Here are some pics
Look who showed up on my IG feed:  @da13thsun . I looked & said why do I know his face?!?!?

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