I must have fed my Gremlin after midnight...
Taking a break to play around with my AR Drone
Just the way we like it; Muddy and me by ourselves at the beach
Muddy hanging out with all his brothers and sisters
Weimaraners all over the place
He doesn't know it yet, but tomorrow he's going to hang out with all his brothers and sisters and his mom and dad. It will be a big day for him! Now he's just sleepy...
Practicing riding a bike with Muddy running along side. Went great for a first time!
Impressive skies #lovezeeland
Zojuist The Social Network gezien in Antwerpen. Het is een aanrader, ook voor non social media groupies...
In Antwerpen kaarten gescoord voor The Social Network; in Nederland nog niet in de bios maar hier al wel te zien!
De Keurslager heeft ruzie met Powerpoint
Is @vincente de eerste met een blauw paarse iPhone 4?
Rainbow in Middelburg #lovezeeland
Got caught in the rain while running with Muddy #verywet
@rwielemaker idd geen grapje, maar wel leuk!
On my way to hunting training with Muddy. #lovezeeland
Accu van @vincente leeg en wordt gestart door @woenz Just another day at Innovader
The black sheep can still be top of the heard - literally!
This is how Muddy tells us he needs a bath...
We just found some interesting psychedelic colors in the printer @woenz brought from his home office
Back to Zeeland; there are worse views to go home to
Luisteren naar @ronnieovergoor bij @newmediabrains in de Schiecentrale
This is the result when Muddy has been to hunting training in the morning...
Hmmm, shiny boots seem to be the hip thing now

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