Celebrating the return of @MobyPicture and @Foursquare!
Got a kickass gift from @markies #awyeah
Number 1 biz app in NL (and climbing in US)
First Cardcloud pizza.
Couldn't be wearing any other shirt today! /cc @dens
It's Friday.
Stunning new @hardgraft leather.
Express delivery from James & Monika!
This is Amsterdam, through the magic of my new favorite app: @Lifelapse
The Bay.
Ran up and down Taylor St today. Fantastic start of the morning.
Flying over this impressive mountain range. Anybody got any idea which one?
My ride to the airport. Not too shabby.
@jvdgoot is trying to get a promotion by shooting his boss on 3DS.
This here phone doesn't do biz cards. Nor Twitters. Nor the Foursquare.
Spot the @MobyPicture boat
Thanks for yet another gift, Nokia!
Look what the team got for my birthday!
Already saw True Grit. Rest is meh.
Bonsoir, Manhattan. You look as beautiful as always tonight.
The @square experience at Sightglass Coffee couldn't get to Amsterdam sooner. Please, @jack?
So, these are my birthday gifts. Wow.
SxSW making proper use of our Cardcloud.
Ridiculously long line in front of Apple's Austin pop up store.

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