Kids preparing for our arrival today!
Konnichiwa Tokyo! We were expected this morning at this school for the GameChanger project.
Lekker uitwaaien op Texel!
Celebration time behind the scenes! #zodoenwedat
Having a good time behind the scenes preparing for the NL medal ceremonies #zodoenwedat
#leteveryoneshine #pyeongchang2018 Mission completed at Torch Relay slot 12!
Having fun already at the torch relay collection point #leteveryoneshine #pyeongchang2018
Celebrating #internationalwomensday with strong and proud Paralympians to #pressforprogress
Serious business today with the IPC Governing Board #goodteamwork
Snow preparation @pyeongchang2018
Early morning meeting with simultaneous translation. Back to IPC duties!
Agitos getting colours #workinprogress #paralympics
Bandabi is popular! #pyeongchang2018 #paralympics
KTX experience to PyeongChang!
Lunch break on my bike checking the ice conditions!
Terrasjes weer in Vlissingen!
Lekker uitwaaien #mooinederland
De familie van Driel is klaar voor het Sinterklaasfeest! #isditalles?
After working hard, lots of information and inspiration, time to relax and enjoy Dutch  scenery!
Finishes after a performance at stage. Paralympic athletes inspire and excite the world #tokyo2020 #GameChanger
Ohayou gozaimasu Fuiji san! On our way to the final event of this stay, today outdoor. Lucky us 😊
Konnichiwa Adachi-ku! Wow the Rio 2016 gold medal is heavy and has a sound!
Korfball workshop at the local comprehensive sports club #GameChanger project!

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