Poolpartyyyy @ Seebad Enge
Chickies at the poolside
Yay! Beautiful weather so swimming in the lake
Gezelligheid op de berg
View over zurich
Yay! Swiss-German-Turkish-Dutch cheese fondue
I think my #twittercounter stats are a bit off... LOL
Had an amazing day at A Day at the Park!!
Beesie gets a second chance...
Fluo cocktails.. OMG
Paint it Blacklight
Be prepared for some stormy weather!
#ned madness at Overtoom...
Got some company..
My tree for today..
@mathyd Found your birthdaypresent..
Still having fun @ La Perla
I just <3 wine and pizza...
Hi honey...
Vondelpark sunset...
Sky over Amsterdam
Guess the tweep..
look who I found... @dmos joining the club
Checking out google maps for nearest Paris subway... Lazy day

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