I'm having minstrel cramps
27 Oct 2010 02:06

I'm having minstrel cramps 

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posted by Buzzsaw 13 Nov 2011 17:36

No silly, the Jewish maple syrup bottle squirts from the bottom.

posted by Buzzsaw 13 Nov 2011 17:35

Who wants Jewish maple syrup?

posted by Sam Sandilla Jr. 29 Oct 2011 04:32

i did that couple of days ago but like in Braveheart ,, at my old job,, i filling a whole bag of dog poop on the back dock so i would smell the whole store,, while playing the Smashing Pumpkins "United States" yelling Freedom, it felt go,, after getting fired. after 10 yrs of being a slave.

posted by Jerry Lehane III 5 Sep 2011 09:00

Sarah Silverman omfg yur so sxy when yur so sensitive an bloated on the red rag top

posted by daniel hose 4 Sep 2011 01:02

That's not gonna help. The Nazi's hate black people and Gypsies as well as Jews.

posted by calvinking 2 Dec 2010 14:59

Sarah Silverman there's a COON in my backyard! mating season! (#i'mblackdon'tworry)

posted by JohnLinc 2 Nov 2010 22:13

Sarah Silverman WOW. It's funny as hell but man is it racist as fuck. Only you could get away with this. And 's account got banned. fuck me.

posted by Butch 2 Nov 2010 22:10

Too damn funny

posted by Hoof Arted 29 Oct 2010 05:22

you dummies are taking this out of context. this is part of a SPP episode.

posted by moogwarp 29 Oct 2010 04:28

Questo of The Roots she's not worth the love you shower her with Smilie

posted by Brian Hughes 29 Oct 2010 03:31

Sarah Silverman Wow, that's not politically incorrect! You think that just because you're a female comic, it's ok for you to do this shit?

posted by Questo of The Roots 29 Oct 2010 03:23

oh Sarah Silverman, why must you make it hard for me to justify my love http://www.mobypicture.com/user/sarahksilverman/view/7851655 #testingmypatience

posted by Lisa Dannis 29 Oct 2010 00:51

Sarah Silverman STFU!! racist cunt.

posted by Byron Olson 27 Oct 2010 05:12

Wow! 1st it was a bacon swastika and now this?! You Jews think you can just do whatever you want!

posted by John Joda 27 Oct 2010 03:19

Sarah Silverman I do not get it, but for some reason...I would like some pancakes

posted by jason 27 Oct 2010 03:15

you & doug could do a tap dance together. you'd do al jolsen proud. probably twice. even though he's a skeleton. necro. luv ya.

posted by Robin 27 Oct 2010 03:13

Holy shit! Why is your left iris so much bigger and darker??

posted by Its Steve Time! 27 Oct 2010 03:03

Sarah Silverman And now your suffering Post Minstrel Syndrome Because some idiots thought this pic was Racist? ha ha I thought it was funny! Not Racist at all! Just a play on words.

posted by Sam 27 Oct 2010 02:45

Sarah Silverman mamie! mamie!

posted by Dan Maier 27 Oct 2010 02:44

Sarah Silverman

Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap...sploot...........Aunt Jemima fantasy checked off list.

posted by Kinley Jones LeDeaux 27 Oct 2010 02:42

Sarah Silverman You look like Lazarou from League of Gentlemen.

posted by Casey Hribar 27 Oct 2010 02:30

Only you could pull this off! Smilie

posted by thought villain 27 Oct 2010 02:29

Sarah Silverman is Jewish so technically she's black, so it's ok.

posted by Hoof Arted 27 Oct 2010 02:26

this pic isn't racist. It's part of a very funny SSP episode

posted by April Wilson 27 Oct 2010 02:21

Sarah Silverman Insert insincere Conservative outrage here..." ".

posted by Hoof Arted 27 Oct 2010 02:20

mmmm pancakes

posted by Karin B. 27 Oct 2010 02:20

Sarah Silverman the white really shows off your big naturals.

posted by April Wilson 27 Oct 2010 02:20

Sarah Silverman Insert insincere Conservative outrage here..." ".

posted by andy white 27 Oct 2010 02:18

Sarah Silverman Surely that's Minstrel Gramps?

posted by Roger Kaiser 27 Oct 2010 02:17

Sarah Silverman Its refreshing to see candid shots of stars without makeup.

posted by Daryn Roven 27 Oct 2010 02:16

Sarah Silverman Ha! With blackface on you look just like Steven Tyler.

posted by andy white 27 Oct 2010 02:15

Sarah Silverman Surely that's Minstrel Gramps?

posted by moron_tx 27 Oct 2010 02:14

Sarah Silverman ... you pissed-off the make woman again, huh ... ?

posted by J to the Glide 27 Oct 2010 02:12

Sarah Silverman I get it. I get what you're doing there...trying to start a dialogue...

posted by ruby with zuby 27 Oct 2010 02:10

posted by jason 27 Oct 2010 02:10

Sarah Silverman ok.... maybe I really don't wont you to follow me after all............. nahhhhh come on just click the fricken plus! Smilie

posted by Eric Condrey 27 Oct 2010 02:09

posted by Arthur King 27 Oct 2010 02:09

Sarah Silverman Hahahahahahaha

posted by wiggioloz 27 Oct 2010 02:08

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