Happy birthday bro. I hope it was a great one.
@aaronmccune why didn't you duck?
Happy Birthday @Keithreidy I hope you had a great day. I believe that the greatest is yet to come.
@epicmendenhall Happy Birthday my little man.
Enjoying the movie EPIC and it creativity. It's a clever movie.
Getting my run on this morning. Miamiman training starts today. Training for best times yet.
Rise and rise again until lambs become lions
While your watching tv please vote and on a commercial text some1 to do the same. Thanks. http://bit.ly/154tJL8
At least run to your car so u can say you ran on national running day. #nationalrunningday
Beach night @theRUSH tonight. Come wearing you beach stuff and wearing you floaty. #unlock
Congratulations ilovepca #Classof2013
12 yrs ago I took the best girl off the market. The best move I've ever made when it comes to unlocking my greatness
Before U go 2 bed tonight please stop by vote4scot.com & vote for the video. Inspiring a generation for greatness
Please go to vote4scot.com & vote. We can't slow down on the voting or I lose the chance of round 2. Help please
I just voted will U do the same. U R helping inspire the next generation with every vote.  http://bit.ly/17oZNao
Celebrating all Moms @potentialchurch this weekend #mothersday
Nerd night @theRUSH please release the inner nerd and get here.
Things may come to those who wait,  but only the things left by those who hustle.  - Abraham Lincoln
I just voted before walking out the door to ride will you do the same please? http://bit.ly/17oZNao
RT@Legendmendenhall & @Epicmendenhall vote 4 my dad @scotmendenhall he rides 4 the next gen. http://bit.ly/17oZNao
Great run in the rain 2night 4 Boston. Legend 5yrs old & Epic 4yrs old ran a 1/2 mile very impressed with those guys.
Heading to the Boston run tonight put on by runners depot. The run starts at 6:30.

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