January Morning Skyline
RyanAir flight to Berlin
U2 last night.
One of the rose windows at St Nazaire, Carcassonne this summer
The leaves are burning, burning, burning. The days are turning, turning, turning.
Almost a full moon morning.
"Not quite a libation from Amfitheas Station". A Girl on a Tram, Athens. Watercolour and Pen.
When here you can see that the meaning of freedom itself is really what is being attacked. The Greeks know it.
"Let Your Grace Flow" pen on paper
Inside of fiberglass and rubber mould ready for first cast
After the pour
The mould piped up for a rubber pour.
Heres a sculpture before its cast and ready for the mouldmaking process. To be unveiled later
9:35 today. Very lucky to get a glimpse.
@angiemezzetti knows how it's done , the wise will listen! #idir
A kind of predictive treasure map.  Part of the workshop with @angiemezzetti
Just speaking on @Liveline_RTE about this print I made. I was talking about substance abuse in Dublin
Detail of oil painting from installation
"The Humble Traveller" a "mobile temporary" installation of sculpture painting and digital media at the CFCP Dublin.
This is the photo I based the painting I posted yesterday on... the "Magic" bullet that caused supposedly 7 wounds during the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  It also is said to have entered
"The Magic Bullet Held and Dispelled in the Aether for 50 years, 22 November 2013 " Oil Sketch on Board.
No, it's not a futuristic porcupine effigy... It's a reusable hot rubber mould with 4 fiberglass jackets. Part of the process used for casting the  forthcoming sculpture of "Spirithouse", a work for Y
"Mystical Computer"
Watercolour, pen and acrylic in sketchbook
"Away" biro and watercolour in sketchbook

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