Here is an outtake of the pic I took for my patreon post tonight. You’re welcome
Another lost toy truck. This one doesn’t light up but I can pretend a pen cap is a rocket launcher
No YOURE bored!
I am a very talented individual. For example, I just cut myself to bleeding on this part of the 3-hole punch somehow
How hard is it raining? Well our tree has an actual waterfall rn
Ok maybe it’s just 2 tweeps but they were very close together and I want pizza ok?
Someone donated this at pax last weekend & I never heard of it before. Would’ve thought it was fake cuz of coloring
But this is the best unsubscribe page I’ve seen
Zuko brought me a fingerless glove, played w/it for a bit, left, brought me the other one, sat down and purred
Now that pax is over, I can go back to endlessly telling my cat how cute he is 😻
Zuko: I heard you say you were gonna lay in bed the rest of the day. So come on! Why aren’t you doing that yet?
Cat-owner life. Yep, feets in my face
The continuing adventures of #PunzieCantChopstick, now with drinks 👍
Punzie is post-pax thirsty
Thanks to @sausage8046 I am spreading sploosh buttons to people who visit the cookie room #PAX
Someone came in @cookie_brigade room, took cookies and left me an apple. What kind of horseshit is that?
Come to the end of this empty hallway for totally not sketchy cookies. We promise #PAX
Did someone defeat a sudowudo here? #PAX
Tex is keeping an eye on me while I bake today
Time to try to salvage my messed up vegan dough from the other day #BakeWithPunzie
Join me, as I wonder why I don’t make banana bread for myself #BakeWithPunzie
My 1st batch of science (jello) is done. Not perfect but I’m pretty dang pleased #BakeWithPunzie #cookiebrigade
These look kinda like Akbar, right? It’s not just me? #BakeWithPunzie

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