Me: cool the snow stayed in the holes of this fence! *pokes snow out of holes*
Now that I get to go home and not leave there for a full day, we can admire the snow looking pretty
Oh snap #PokemonGO
Thanks for rubbing it in, #PokemonGO
Yep, snow
I am an artist. Someone buy my sweet sweet arts
This cat is everything I want to be
I did get this doggo elf friend tho :)
@thekiko @Peeardee @TychoBrahe  This is such a good purple and I just want everyone to know that I love this color
Me: imma get things done today!
Zuko: yeah no. It’s lazy Sunday so I’m gonna snuggle up against you to nap & purr
My neighbor’s house rn. Pretty sure it was NOT there at Halloween
I don’t want to rt Donnie wahlberg but this correction cracks me up
I don’t want to rt Donnie wahlberg but this correction cracks me up
Zuko noticed I’ve been at my desk all day and has to decided it’s time for him to “help”
There are now farfetchd errywhrrr #PokemonGO
Here is my cat sniffing his own feet. You’re welcome
Me: cat what did you get into and track all over my bed?
Zuko: sshhhh I’m trying to sleep
I am very fashionable. I call this look FFS Stop Picking Your Cuticles, Punzie. (The other hand matches.)
@monkeyhole trade art signs with you
@Proprietous 🤔😥
I’m gonna go with not useful on this one…
I’m just gonna assume someone left this behind because of how creepy it is. That’s some Tim Burton shit
@Proprietous I took a pic of gay Philadelphia for you before I left
This cat is ridiculously happy to get brushed rn

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