The shower is not a place I expected to find cat toys...
Current mood: I don't wanna go to work T_T Can't I be like the cat? Or can we switch and he go to work for me?
Zuko: I know this is where those other kitties live...
I guess he's settled into the new place alright
All that sniffing wore him out
Zuko still doesn't understand cat trees
Current mood: re-sniffing every nook and cranny of the house
Zuko likes the new house and his new human housemates
Zuko is not happy to be going to the new house. Very stress. Much nervous
I am here for the free pancakes. Thank you pancake day for falling on my day off while I still have an apt near ihop
Anyone need a modem and/or router?
Whoops. Cat gave up. Didn't even make it to the sun beam
Punzie has 2 homes. Most of my possessions may be in the new place, but my sweet boy is stilll here
New place, new bedroom. Time to break it in with a nap?
Cat is firmly back in lap
Does anyone need a pax program? I've got a few...
In the first box I found my original ds. So now I have 3. It had 1 game I was looking for & 1 I forgot I had
Tomorrow 3 dudes are coming to my house to move my life over to another house. I need to finish packing but: lap cat
Found this burrito roll thing at staples for $1. Now it holds my tapestry needles and shorter knitting needles
I got a monkey on my back. No wait... it's a cat
I really respect an ice cream that gives you info per pint
How long until I rage quit this book? Still feels like set up waiting for story and this constant shit?
Good morning. Umm I guess my ice pack exploded?
Me: I'm gonna go lay in the other bed. Wanna come with me?
Zuko: *lays on me*
Me: I don't think you quite understood

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