Step 2: add some sugar to those nanners. Look I’m using my mixer! #BakeWithPunzie
Step 1: beat the shit out of some bananas. Make them sort of applesauce consistency #BakeWithPunzie
Time for another @cookie_brigade baking day. It’s gluten-free day in Punzie house
Mmmm gay cupcakes
Great news! Your dead cat is better protected now. Because you can't lose him is he's already dead!
Ran out of candy hearts before I ran out of dough. Add choc chips for the rest! #BakeWithPunzie
I have this memorized, but thanks for having my back, cereal box #BakeWithPunzie
Stupid coin machine threw a dime in the penny spot and now it's stuck
Punzie's weather report: its fucking Narnia out here
Lap kitty is here to reward me for getting home 💜
See also: "Owwwww. Fuck you, weather!" (I couldn't open my eyes any more because of ice bits blowing around.)
I thought they were suppose to have fixed the Pokémon spawning on top of Pokémon #PokemonGO
My dad sees the book on my nightstand: O.o I don't think Jane Austen wrote that...
Ahahahaha Mario mode. I wonder if a banana peel will randomly show up?
Cat observations continue
Oh snap. Kitty staring contest
Now there are 2 of them
I've been spotted by a local and am being studied from afar
One content cat (and a content Punzie' arm) 😌
Zuko doesn't like when I bake cuz he can't hang out with me. He's excited I'm done now
3 hours, 3.5 play throughs of Plastic Beach, & 112 cookies later, we're done tonight #BakeWithPunzie #cookiebrigade
With last cookies in oven we can go thru the other candy hearts & pick out good ones for next time #BakeWithPunzie
Put those 2 sheets of cookies in the oven. Label the bagged cookies #BakeWithPunzie
The outside of the dough dried a bit so mix it again. Prep 2 more sheets of cookies #BakeWithPunzie

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