In the words of @BuddyTheElf ...
#Christmas #Music #Joy 

Let's keep going!!
O captain, my captain! 
.@MaddyFatty found me a place online to play Donkey Kong Country Supernintendo!!!
They say animals know when you're sad...
Jude jumped in my lap, wrapped his arms around my neck during this ep.
Feeling like David after the dentist right now... 
Maura's artwork tonight in the nursery. How sweet!
@morganeaster We have cake?!
1977s Don Henley = Bob Ross
Crossing my fingers that this will eventually be made for the 5!
So thankful for a good daddy! Words can't express!

Happy Father's Day!
In transit between parks... Everyone is sleeping. #Disney
I have a birthday coming up...

Asking for a baby hedgehog isn't too unexpected, right?
4 am - opened a can of potted meat. Rigby wakes from his sleep, hears it from the back of the bus and barks to come up front for his treat!
This sums it up!
It's official!
Universal announced their worst kept secret today... love it!
Made some new coffee mugs today.

Follow @ShansEtsyStore for more details! 

#coffee #love
We're #100 right now, you guys are INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
#Dreams #blessed @itunesmusic
Hand writing lyric sheets w/ @MaddyFatty to mail w/ Dreams pre-orders! Got your copy reserved?
A cake my step-mom and I did this week for a bachelorette party!
Love this! ☕
Yes... Yes, it is. :)
2 years ago today, I wore my white dress. It still feels like a fairy tale! I love you,  @MaddyFatty!

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