oh le bâtard…  #frenchbread
@NikeSupport i get this page now…but after dragging the nike circle onto the path circle, just goes back to timeline
here we go again…
c'est le drapeau de quel pays ça ?
run all the elements… #gameonworld #nikeplus
@ShinobiYao pas mal non ?
@angiewu how about a trade? ;-)
@bentsai  @bessytsai paris vs. pittsburgh !
courir pour paris !!
pour les sportifs du samedi matin
@madebykong paris, we got some catching up to do! #nikeplus #paris #gameonworld #nyc
@raypark oh yea ? how bout this ! us encumbered folk eat good too !!
converse dr j ! RT @uglymely Ma première paire de sneakers ! et vous c'était quoi ? pic.twitter.com/9f1pnGCa
@w_kao haha…here's mine…
this is why they were laughing !!! RT @sheshb
smells like hip hop…
c parti…
@mike_yao @caleb_angie @jerryta what? how can u say this is not an athlete?!
divine pilot à l'int'l - they RAWK !
@samla2 @dieusaxa5 yup, just like good ol natty bo! ;-)

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