Office view.  #aviation
C-17s rock.
Last beer for the next six months. Chose a local K-Stan microbrew. No alcohol allowed in Afghanistan.
Packing our bags 4 the C-17 flight today. Commonly called
The bag drag. How high will
It go? Next stop Afghanistan
Check this out. Due only to twitter, these guys made me a T-shirt for my deployment and we're raising $ 4 troops
Love the geo referenced approach plates and airfield diagrams. Wish  @ForeFlight could do this. #aviation
Break right! flare! F-15E photo shoot from my old sq in NC. #aviation
@denverpilot @Mike_Flys SkyChartsPro now has map legends. iPad keeps getting better for #aviation.
@VegasBill now I've got @24k on a live ATC feed coming into the valley.  #Vegas #aviation (gotta love apps)
@24k on his way back to #Vegas ( @VegasBill )
@SouthwestAir My son is so proud of the gingerbread house we made and he just got a SWA FF #. #12DaysofLUV
@wiredforflight I grew up looking at this pic so I am a bit partial to it.
Getting a tour of the @NASA flightline.  #NASATweetup
I am way ahead of you RT @bayourat Attention #nasatweetup. There's beer for sale in the Saturn Five Center.
In the KSCVC gift shop. My credit card is melting. S.O.S. ! #NASATweetup
Beer light is on. And I'm drinking yours since you are still working.
@Astro_Ron Current Tomahawks and the 16th WPS from Nellis send their regards. Thanks for coming out  #NASATweetup
@Astro_Ron speaking at #NASATweetup and sending out tweets as he speaks. Too funny.
Sunset in #Vegas behind Mt Charleston (which got it's first snow of the season)
@bethbeck have you seen this custom made pendent? Do you think any of the crew would like one?  #STS133
@Astro_Nicole have you seen this pendent? They made one for you. We've been trying to contact you. Do you like it?
Already snow on the mountains in Colorado. #aviation
View from my office today. #aviation
Here is my @spot_messenger track from yesterday. Great seeing the east coast and Atlantic ocean. #aviation

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