The last of the greenhouse tomatoes...ready to roast, Jamie style, with a glug (gallon!) of olive oil.
Lovely #WoldsWords event his morning at #Louth Library. Rapt munchkins, even the 8yr old boy child!
#DespicableMe 'It's SO fluffy!'
'Why are we standing on Cleethorpes beach?' 'Oh it's my owner's idea...he haw he haw he halways brings me here!'
At Cleethorpes...Donkeys in October. British seaside staple...
4yr old has designed her Christmas card on the Scribblepad on my phone...#xmas
Man, I'm sold...
'Daft Vader' at the Collection, Lincoln. Excellent museum. Roman-tastic.
Helping the Lincolnshire rellies chop n stack a load of ash. How satisfying is a woodpile, even someone else's?
Full log basket, fire roaring, footy o'clock?
A night out not to be missed for sure...Rock On Tommy! #Lincolnshire
Great stuff. So good is the #NMS kids Art Cart activity trail for wee ones a group of teen tourists are wiring in too!
Sir Jackie Stewart, Liam Gallagher...have YOU ever seen them together? #NMS #Edinburgh
I'm telling you, the Royal Mile is but a step away from Kiss Me Quick hats...#touristtat
Gutted. You used to be able to get electroskating done here. Not that we ever did but, you know, handy to know...
Travellodge are clearly expecting a visit from Spiderman...
...and so to the #Filmhouse for ice cream and a pint. Vanilla for me and a local IPA for the weans...
Oh bum. The excellent, and more importantly, child friendly Traverse Theatre cafe bar is closed. Pah. #Edinburgh
Wow! Look at the size of that saltire flying over #Edinburgh Castle...
Impossible to do justice in a photo...stunning autumn shades as we await #CorranFerry here in #Lochaber
Absolutely stunning day at Castle Stalker in Appin. Quality lunch too...
Lovely jubbly! Internet radio on the Nokia5800 at last. #radio #internetradio
Crazy super-orange plasticy fungus on the hills above Strontian
Out on The Fairy Walk, Strontian, Lochaber

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