I always have a bit of @enrise with me
Watch out @RonvdMolen! #010php
Given his hitchhiker-themed talk, it is a good thing @RonvdMolen brought his towel. #010php
Well, in the beginning... #010php
It seems @grmpyprogrammer is now also involved in "meat activity"
@GeeH I still have enough
Those sysadmins must be having a rough start of the weekend #pokemongo
Playing Pokémon with my daughter
@wildewouter geen file my ass
New reading material just came in
Ready for the demo
Drinking a beer from the hometown of ‪@DragonBe‬. They do some mighty good beer overthere
Tegel airport, right now. ‪@rskuipers‬ and me are waiting for our delayed flight. Fun is had regardless
Hey fellow Schiphol developers! Flight information in out beta site, it works!
‪@kobo‬ all air traffic halted at Berlin Tegel airport, but I have my Kobo :)
‪@DragonBe‬ ‪@JetLovers‬ something is wrong here
Another full room. Thanks for being there everyone! #ipc16
Oh wow, huge room filled with people for my first talk. That was a bit scary. Great audience, great questions #ipc16
Yay! Thanks to ‪@shochdoerfer‬ I am PHP6 certified again
‪@continuousphp‬ hah! Shall I start selling continuousPHP? Beat you to the booth ;)

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