Chatty Cathy
@DavidTutera I can't tell if she woke up because it's feeding time, or time to watch CELEBrations again! We love you, David!
Reading this list of local job postings in an email from, and wondering how I am not a vegetarian. Gross.
yep, cutest hiccups ever! #NotInMyBellyAnymore
Yeah, wishful thinking... #GonnaBeALongNight At least I get to spend it with this cutie!!
Is it weird that I love the peach fuzz covering my baby's body?   I swear, it makes her skin even softer! #MoreBabyPosts #PreciousBrooklynne
Belly jerks = baby hiccups. Cute the first couple times, but anxious for Friday to help her get rid of them!
that moment you see the mail truck pull up, and you are expecting a delivery. #anticipation #christmas
So incredibly surreal, I can't even explain it. #fetalmovement #bellywaves
Possible new frames- need HONEST feedback, please!

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