my legs & my frames.  oh yea dats me too in da pic on the computer screen... *dope photo.
hmmm... really?!
what else!? ur eyes keep watching me.
hmmm... really?!
I stole my friend's phone to see what the camera was looking at ~>
@Whoseisit  yep.
@Whoseisit Campaign: "inside every story. there's a beautiful journey."
@guytorry ur grande finale =}. im feelin it!!!!!!  ♥. #pulleditOFF the greens r banging!!! NOPork!!! ♥
* i ♥ * by  @kam7horne  @DomstcDivaStyle *my earrings!!! ♥ by  @kam7horne
Yeaaaaaa boiiiiiii.  *niccas will try ya! Drunk dont matter... i aint CrAzy! #ReTreat2MyHermitState ♥
*this!!! oh yea im taking my a* home! #NoMas
jus got this out da blue~ oh yea im raking my a* home! #NoMas
Dis isht had me laughin so hard this mornin!!!
♪♫♪ Ruben ♥ #AmericanIdol
music so deep in my soul .... mmm yea!
fiyah ♨
comin ta break u off #Roots ♥
sweetest music vibe going down.... right now! ♥
Don't stop u da music cuz its so satisfyin' Dont stop da music
wuteva u want to do is alright wit me. lovin u fa ever.

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