Made myself an original bali taksu/kafe anti oxidant shake in holland!spirulina, coconutoil, coconutmilk, oatmilk, chocolate, cashew, banana,soymilk, wheat and love! Ps signup at for
Omg they have starbucks in ubud!normally i would smile... Ps
My office kafe,ubud,baliiii:-)!
@clearcafe with thai soup and mintwater!life is beautiful!love! Ps who knows lionel richie?
Today@clearcafe... The love burger!:-)... Ps go blurb and find superguide me for a quick read!:-)
@clearcafe with thai soup and mintwater!life is beautiful!love! Ps who knows lionel richie?
@little kafe@yogabarn,ubud... Having my daily green drink!not that the glass is not green,the drink is... Ps check out and sign up for our latest newzz...
The original-smoothie at Taksu: spirulina,coconutwater,cashew,honey, vannilla,cinnamon and coconutoil! Another Taksu;-)!
At Taksu... I have a UBUD... ;-)...
Me and ni wayan from eat pray love.just got a traditional bali healing that took 4 hours.can u tell?;-)!and her daughter who is 16 now cooked for me!notice spongebob and the heart?bali is island of th
Back at clear ubud!coconut crusted fish,with creamy pineapple sauce.can i hear a whoohoo? is very happy now!love,lenny bee in bali!
Clear cafe in ubud!a must eat and see!i love bali!thanks for the tip my friends from india,australia and denmark!ps
Raw nasi goreng at kafe,ubud!ps check for free read superguide me!
Wayan,the spiritual healer of eat pray love... Monday the 9th i'll have my apt... Ps. Go to to read superguide me for free if u will!it is the last book u will ever have to check;p
Have you seen or read 'Eat pray love'!this is the place... I'll meet Wayan monday the 9th for a traditional balinese healing!maybe she has some answers to the 9 questions!keep u posted! Ps who wants t
In ubud!my 1st morning!namaste! Ps.
Arriving in Ubud and i run in a dark alley into one of my musical heroes:michael franti... I asked him if he wants to do the 9 superwise me-questions... Tobecontinued.... Love,lenfromtheislandofgods!
On my way to bali,just bought richards new book in jakkarta!ps.what is your new word for love?
Superwise us at david icke at rai tx to purity!
Superwise Icke@ rai,amsterdam... Ps
Trying to work on stuff in company of noor!love,len.
Now that was fun!'believe all the way in what you do if and when you're gonna do it.that makes everyone else believing it,which is leading to succes!' - richard branson in rotterdam!

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