.@RideSafeWorld @standardnews

The Sub-Standard, at it again

it was a minicab, not a London Taxi
@TheLTDA @TfLTPH and yet there are LUL trains running with no fire extinguishers in place
Everyone's asking
'LTDA open the £1m War Chest'
Reply 'It's nearly all gone'

WTF have they spent it on?
@TheLTDA @KingAkingedward
Will u be publishing apology for the fake news you published in the last edition of Taxi

When you get your email code

Go back to Twitter page
a new box will be there to put your code in
Go through the LTDA 22k followers, see how long it takes you to find a Taxi driver
Fake Followers Don't Count Steve
@rosko99 @TfLTPH 

Definitely on of TfL's
I popped in to see Jason in Kendal Ave
I've had a new unit fitted and working fine now 👍🏻
Please keep your eyes peeled 

for this young girl missing from  

home since 8:30am yesterday 

morning 👀

London Taxi Radio
Live tonight from GSS

Could you please explain why these 5 Uber drivers are still showing on the TfL website as current?
Well, this result surprised me
.@citycyclists @insideoutsouth 

And yet, not one word from the BBC about the 50% rise in UberRape ???
Knightsbridge, Trevor Place!

Your Uber has arrived 😂😂😂
Has the PH act 1998 been changed to allow full livery adverts on PHVs 

Ken high Street 10pm 5/10/17
Poll results 

Is Helen Chapman a woman of principle ?

Mike Brown,Helen Chapman, Leon Daniels, Peter Blake

Have you lost control of Private Hire ?
.@The_LCDC @FrankBullitt39 

Surely the buck stops with this lot...
They should all be prosecuted for malfeasance
@canty_michael @standardnews

I'd like to see him try to break my one handed record of 9 tea mugs no resting on top
Just valeted 200 Taxis 

Feeling quite pooped now  

Just been hit by a march ball 
Tommy kicked it back like a pro
Atmosphere is electric at the bush
Big thank you to all who read Taxi Leaks

We passed the 5million hits mark this morning 👀👍🏻

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