@TheLTDA @TfLTPH and yet there are LUL trains running with no fire extinguishers in place
Everyone's asking
'LTDA open the £1m War Chest'
Reply 'It's nearly all gone'

WTF have they spent it on?
@TheLTDA @KingAkingedward
Will u be publishing apology for the fake news you published in the last edition of Taxi

When you get your email code

Go back to Twitter page
a new box will be there to put your code in
Go through the LTDA 22k followers, see how long it takes you to find a Taxi driver
Fake Followers Don't Count Steve
@rosko99 @TfLTPH 

Definitely on of TfL's
I popped in to see Jason in Kendal Ave
I've had a new unit fitted and working fine now 👍🏻
Please keep your eyes peeled 

for this young girl missing from  

home since 8:30am yesterday 

morning 👀

London Taxi Radio
Live tonight from GSS

Could you please explain why these 5 Uber drivers are still showing on the TfL website as current?
Well, this result surprised me
.@citycyclists @insideoutsouth 

And yet, not one word from the BBC about the 50% rise in UberRape ???
Knightsbridge, Trevor Place!

Your Uber has arrived 😂😂😂
Has the PH act 1998 been changed to allow full livery adverts on PHVs 

Ken high Street 10pm 5/10/17
Poll results 

Is Helen Chapman a woman of principle ?

Mike Brown,Helen Chapman, Leon Daniels, Peter Blake

Have you lost control of Private Hire ?
.@The_LCDC @FrankBullitt39 

Surely the buck stops with this lot...
They should all be prosecuted for malfeasance
@canty_michael @standardnews

I'd like to see him try to break my one handed record of 9 tea mugs no resting on top
Just valeted 200 Taxis 

Feeling quite pooped now  

Just been hit by a march ball 
Tommy kicked it back like a pro
Atmosphere is electric at the bush
Big thank you to all who read Taxi Leaks

We passed the 5million hits mark this morning 👀👍🏻
After asking 77 times 

TfL still refuse to confirm 

If this is the new Compliance Officer uniform
After being asked 76 times 

TfL refuse to confirm 

if this is the new Compliance Officer uniform

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