Here's an amazing pic from said sold out show in Philly   
@kelleyoxford Just to prove it here you go.  Hit me with your best shot.
@jacvanek might as well
Getting ready to play an  @LEAGUESMUSIC show in DesMoines tonight. This is one of my favorite state Capitol buildings.
When the heavens give you ice what do you do? Make cocktails.
Nashville is getting hammered   I have never seen hail this size. This is easy golf ball size
This is what we/ @LEAGUESMUSIC do when we want to distract us from
writing lyrics.  #roastedchickenprovencal
Not sure if you can see these huge snow flakes.  What a beautiful Sunday.
Day one down so far so good.  I think it's gonna beca late night.  #spotlight
Just finished my double sleeves!
About to watch  @JessieBaylin melt hearts with these guys. New record coming out soon. You have to check it out!
Been on a frozen lake with  @LEAGUESMUSIC writing for the full length record that we will be making in March.  Here's a picture.
Heres my afternoon listening selection.
Happy Thanksgiving with dear friends. Turkey frying, classic rock on the stereo, soaking up the sun. Thank you! Thankful!
My roommate Brandon just came home with a new house mascot. Meet Rocky
If you want to know what downtown Madison Wisconsin looks like right now here you go. So beautiful.
Running through the woods of Wisconsin.  Looking forward to a  @LEAGUESMUSIC joy explosion tonight.
Spending the day in New Haven Conn. home of Yale and Louis Lunch (the original hamburger)

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