Don't even try and pretend your piggy bank is better than mine!
That's just hurtful...
It's actually ridiculous how much burgers shrink when you cook them.
Dinner time!
This is a picture of a cat sitting on a printer.
Finally got round to putting the tree up t'other day.
Best. Mug. Ever!
What a magnificent animal!
Brown in the studio
And they said nuclear power stations were a bad idea!
If this makes you laugh, you are probably a massive nerd.
That's a well small plane!
hometime, and not going anywhere :(
Apparently, cats can sleep anywhere!
I can't believe this is comfortable.
What's next, Goldeneye opticians? Very silly.
Watching Kick-Ass with these legends.
Little furry doorstop!
Little furry hovercraft
Certainly beats being at work!
This is where I am today...

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