Heading back home, Thanks Suriname 🇸🇷❤️
Phagwa Festival SU 🇸🇷
LEVEN VOOR DE RAVE STILL GOING STRONG!🔥 @outsidersnl @maradonnie #linkinbio
Goodmorning! Vanavond zijn wij weer live te horen op @funxfm “The Partysquad Palooza”, tune in om 21:00
Wisten jullie dat onze wekelijkse  radioshow op @funxfm terug te beluisteren is op de website van Funx? Elke zaterdag 21:00 live op Funx “The Partysquad Palooza”🦁
It’s no secret that we are proud of the dutch legacy of harder styles that is praised worldwide. We humbly flirted with influences of this ever since our collaboration with @majorlazer ; “The Original Don”. While working on this record with @diplo he mentioned that he loved what he called “the dutch Gabba kicks”. Nowadays more and more genres- and subgenres merge and we think that’s positive; one that loves hiphop can easily also love crazy rave tunes. Music is within quick reach through platforms as Spotify. So styles growing together is not a surprise. And the urge of placing everything in a certain box is only human; strictly EDM dj’s are easier to trace. Of course. We have always been walking a less easy path though; wanting to play and create more styles than one. Just because we simply love more than one. We were quickly labeled “eclectic”. Either way; we love how the time seems right for acts like Outsiders and us to come together and collaborate. We think we’ve fought long enough to create the unique situation where people are not surprised to see a hiphop song with our name on it but also a record like our latest release “Leven voor de rave”. Furthermore, we felt honoured when great producers like @djpaulelstak , @ruthlessnl and @lnytnz transformed and remixed some of our expirimental records. “Oh my hardcore remix”, “Born to rave” and “How many dj’s” to name a few. Recently we were invited by @q_dance to perform at X-Qlusive Holland. A great experience! Right now we may proudly announce that we get to play at a special stage at @defqon1 with the homies The @darkraver_official and @outsidersnl 
We do want to clearly state that we are not changing what we do; we do what we love and that’s what we’ve always been doing. Again; we praise this era where our diversity is possible because listeners are openminded and we humbly try to contribute to the evolvement. We are not claiming a certain style or saying that we represent something in particular. We simply wan
Geef je score voor de carnavals-outfit van Jer🙊
When you see it..👀
Ruben heeft een carnavals mededeling; swipe opzij voor partyschema!
Jullie gaan super lekker!🔥100.000 views op de “Leven Voor De Rave” video. Dat is love! Check hem via de link in bio
Check nu de clip van “Leven voor de rave” met @outsidersnl & @maradonnie ⚡️#linkinbio
Zijn we ready? Vanavond 00:00 online “Leven voor de rave”⚡️ @outsidersnl  @maradonnie
VRIJDAG! @roqnrollamusic
We gaven hem al primeur tijdens onze Xqlusive-Holland set in de @ziggodome “Leven voor de rave” samen met @outsidersnl & @maradonnie dropt vrijdag op @roqnrollamusic
D-day; vanavond @bizzey ’s show in de Afas. We waren al even kijken vanmiddag. Dubbel feest want @deejayabstract doet de muziek voor Bizzey en is jarig ook nog, gefeliciteerd en succes homies!
Batik! The Partysquad suka Indonesia. Which artist in Indonesia should we work with?
SEIZOENSWINNAARS! We mochten de heren van @stuktv verslaan én een mooi doel steunen❤️ @nienkeplas @timsenders #teamgolddiggers
Uiteraard weet iedereen wie er gewonnen heeft..😉
Wie is er klaar voor deze gekke combinatie?💥🎬
Most of you will don't understand a f*ck of what this (swipe) means, so we'll translate it. China is introduced to our remix for @k391army & @wyclefjean 
Numbers of QQ Music (biggest in China):
nr 23 International chart. 
nr 8 edm chart. 
nr 77 new music chart.

Let's aim for that top! 🔥
新年快乐 ❤️

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