Happy Birthday for Khalil! Khalil will celebrate it tonight at The Suicide Club and is taking all his friends...
8 pictures from the 8th floor
Pour it in ▪️ The Suicide Club
Temptation is never far away
8 pictures from the 8 floor
Isn't there always a good reason to pop some champagne? #decemberatthesuicdeclub
Bring lots of pineapples, weekend is coming.
Find out who's joining our female only line up @the_suicide_club_  this saturday, bring a pineapple and come in for free #pineapplejungle
The ladies are in charge this Saturday. #pineapplejungle
Collection of high taste.
A sweet and juicy night with a female only line up 🍍
Emanuelle Vos | Evelyn Rae | Nafthaly Ramona | Cincity 🍍

Entrance: 10 euro or bring a pineapple and come in for free 🍍

@emanuellevos @nafthalyramona @cincityofficial
8 pictures on the 8th floor. Besides our Friday night, Saturday brought us the first edition of ▪️B L A C K ▪️
All Gold⚜️The Suicide Club |16 December
All Gold ▪️The Suicide Club ▪️16 December
Find out who are curating The Suicide Club this weekend
Countdown to the weekend, let's get it
The roof is on fire this weekend.
Pssst, buy your tickets for The Black Ball with the link in bio ◼️◾️▪️
Shining in the night. Eight pictures from the eighth floor.
For the one who seeks quality and depth now knows where to go.
@cincityofficial recently played a live set at @radio_nachtlab to give away a little taste of her new collabo with dj/producer  @rancidomusic Rancido on ▪️B L A C K ▪️ Cincity live | November 25th at The Suicide Club
weekend. ▪️ T H E  S U I C I D E  C L U B ▪️
▪️J O I N  T H E  C L U B ▪️
Some of the artists that will be curating ▪️T H E  S U I C I D E  C L U B ▪️ this weekend

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