At DMV: coincidence or they already know me too well ;-)
LA has this poster splattered all over the place... What is it?
Bravo @ChefLudo and @FrenchWife! Well deserved!!!
Getting ready to shoot my very first feature film. Today was wig fitting time! Just histerical!
#TheMotherOfIdiotsIsAlwaysPregnant. Do the country a favor, go back 2 school and learn who the Nazis were! Damn Morons!
#JustLikeItaly Post Office, 7 windows, line out the door & only 1 person working (w/ way too much fucking attitude)!
Happy New Year! Will celebrate baking fresh bread, as my starters finally came alive and seem ready to be put to work!
The celebration has officially started! Evening w/ the girls, burgers & cocktails! Love you wife @DebiMazar, BUON ANNO!
Another book gift, this time about butchering. Do i really need to know how to butcher a squirrel, opossum or turtle?!?
Book find of the day, curtesy of wife @DebiMazar Thank you darling, great inspiration material!!!
Happy Day in the Mojave desert with the boys! I miss my girls, but not too much...
We are celebrating a healthy Lampo! Thank u all 4 the great messages and prayers!!!  Happy Family Tonight!
Love is: staring at my three bread starters and jumping happy because they are alive and bubbly! Still sad 4 dog though
As of today i have 8 mouths to feed daily: me, the wife, the daughters, a new puppy and three bread starters!
Finally another male joins the family! Meet "Lampo", lab/pit/terrier mutt. We are really happy!!!
There is nothing better than having your favorite coffee anywhere u go! Thanks #Bialetti !!!
This stall is too far in and it's too narrow for my shoulders (which r kind of small), unwelcoming! #ShallIPlayDarts?
Just been gifted a jewel for the holidays! Thank you @LuciniItalia for the gold infused oil! Baking bread 2 celebrate!
Windy Los Angeles, have been without power since last night. A real mess!!!
Back 2 Lala today, will b dreaming about moving to Brooklyn for the rest of the year! Wife, @DebiMazar Shall we do it?
Cortona, magnificent place! Thank you to the Sun Festival for the great hospitality, we will be back next year!!!
And this is what a leg of lamb sounds like, when I cook it in my pizza oven! #ExtraVirgin
Mr Cartoons' ice cream truck at Moca. Street Art, downtown LA... Bring your kids!!!
Just arrived at Cipriani for our upfront ceremony! #ExtraVirgin fans, some news will come your way shortly!!!

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