He does look alot like his father #guessthetweep
"your car is a pc on wheels"
We did it again: Proud to announce the #Qday MobyNow platform together with @Radio538
Respect to @patrick for singing a rickroll on stage! #tnw2011 :)
We are ready for the royal wedding!
I broke my Magic Trackpad :(
Setting up shop (@wilg)
De mannen die weten hoe je een feest.je bouwt
Those @tnwnowstats are pretty cool!
"Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the world"
Three guesses who's QR code this is
Wow @Wilg at scale! #tnw2011
"your data just would not be there anymore"
"Build tools not frameworks" /by @Werner
The rules of scalability /by @Werner
Arrived just in time for @Werner's in depth story
Okay the #tnw2011 main screen is freaking awesome!
Early bird #tnw2011
Mobypicture beers as promised for feest.je, Hyves and @glnn #tnwhack
Bham for free Mobypicture beer! #tnwhack
Nice, @Glnn is selling products through Moby! :) #shootnsell #lifelapse
Problem: we want @Patrick!
Amsterdam aka Silicon Canal /by @Renn
First day of #tnw2011 is about to begin

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