New and improved wichcraft 2.0. Opening  summer on Broadway and Worth
This arrived in the mail today
Look these m&m's are GE labeled, price didn't go up and the world is still turning.
watching the finale now, I mention my Dad he passed away rt after I took my 1st chefs job. He wld have bn 80 2day
Getting ready for the tip off NJ TOC semifinals Go Linden Tigers
Thank you to all Senators who voted nay to defeat the #DARKact
Halfway thru and I'm learning alot about someone I have worked next to for 10 years. @padmalakshmi great read
@Moofio this is my girl
@SaveTeamCasey my girl is loving life
Always great to see Bruce at home in NJ
Happy snow day
@Seminisia accurate
What are the odds that this picture will be photoshopped, baby removed and presented as fact that POTUS is Muslim
#Happy Hanukkah
this is how we Jew it.
Thoughts and prayers #prayforparis
Months after our opening night fire @beachcraftsobe our grill is burning bright. "Fired up ready to grill"
This was taken shortly after @SenatorLeahy cast his 15,000 vote in the senate, thank you for 40 years of service.
I learned that hard work pays off and given the opportunity everything is possible. peace
@Kheffernan212 @hawaiifitz @floydcardoz @carlsafina @carlahall @davebard 45# she swam away to spawn another day
@Kheffernan212 sail away
@tkretchmar the angler in the middle is Greg Meyerson on the right is Frank Cresetslli
@TheFoodLab two nights ago
Good night on the water

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