The uncropped version is not that special.
Awesome but true
@highly_revolved finally.
@highly_revolved here's another view
@highly_revolved she might get made if you stole her brother
@highly_revolved you can come visit these
Romney Victory Rally in Vegas is filling up
I found @time4b
Yay - @BrightBearMedia's pride ad came out
I am #onaplane. Melbourne (90 minute layover then Manila)
Now that @BenjiBC is wearing colour this stall is closing
Now #onabus
I am #onatrain
@adennoir who creates these rules?
I'm on a tram #lightrail
Just for @adennoir #onatrain
@adennoir #justforyou
I'm on a train
Another one for  @bittrlittlebear
@highly_revolved would go to the dentist more if they used this to clean
@jockcub13 can you get here in 5 min
And  @bittrlittlebear would appreciate that this guy was trying to get into the same store
I went to a different mall and found a store for  @bittrlittlebear
Getting our poles ready #fishing

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