Hemp Bound @organiccowboy's Dispatches from Front Lines of the Next Agro Revolution, is literally hemp bound!
@twittelator more info about Sasha is on this postcard and http://www.ShulginResearch.org >
Another killer Cirque du Mac with @DaveHamilton and the MacWorld Allstars - we took it to Eleven! #cirque
So that's why they call it the "Super Bowl"!
Congratulations CO! Good job earning taxes for schools and providing safer alternative @organiccowboy @dpa #420
At Google DevFest #ABQ with @brandontreb @Seantron @webbing10  - great turnout
Encountered Jared Tarbell's 'Stonehenge on the Rio Grande' today!
Happy Halloween! TIL that Jack'O'Lanterns were originally made of turnips or beets like this one:
We grew this Thai Red Hot / Bhut Jolokia pepper cross I call "Kick Bhutt"
Meet Sebastian Sabini, the Uruguyan congressman who introduced legislation to end cannabis prohibition #reformConf
Slides for my talk "Is A Little Privacy Too Much To Ask For?" http://stone.com/nsa
@katiestone #snowden #prism
 How real did Burque think #breakingbad was? Today's Albuquerque Journal has an OBIT for Walter White!
Seen in Berlin: '#NSA killed my internet - now I have to build a gnu one'
Finally, the real moral of the Breaking Bad story revealed:
#breakingbad #abq
Rainy harvest day in #abq, perfect for making green chile stew, pesto, pickles, salsa and habanero hot sauce
Ok, Mr. White, you've gone too far. #breakingbad
The first portable computer, the Osborne I, weighed more than 25 pounds and had a screen smaller than the iPhone 5
Oh, so that's where the Tesla 'T' logo design came from! @elonmusk @VanHalen Crank up Running w/t Devil to 11!
¡Aí mi Burque, we have gone freaking Breaking Bad loco, no?
Get a groovy CocoaConspiracy t-shirt for $11 https://teespring.com/cocoaconspiracy CocoaConspiracy is #abq's premier iOS dev group
Albuquerque Summerfest gets topped off with #abq Mayor @MayorRJBerry & @katiestone #throughglass
Bee Movie
CocoaConspiracy tries out Google Glass #glassexplorers
A lifelong  fanboy yet I'm floored by Glass attention to detail and clean design @projectglass #glassexplorer

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