@mikaloneil No, it actually has a couple dark modes and lots of typographic control. :-)
@Jabronus Aw yeah.
@richmurrills Ollie’s Magic 8-Ball says…
@muchty Clear your timeline cache and try again. Let me know. Instructions -
@Cykelero It is, once you double tap the image to zoom in. Here’s how I’m seeing both:
@owleaf http://twitter.com/KrisManalis/status/557723281193963521
@guilhermefdc Your wish is granted retroactively. Been using Neue & Next since the start :-)
Tip: Open the theme panel (bottom center icon of sidebar) to toggle large images on or off in the timeline
@maninsuitcase Yes, turn sound notifications off here
@ghctim Eh, not really ;-) Note the 'a, g, e' and others.
v5.8.2 features large images, a new font, improvements & fixes. Go get it! http://bit.ly/flyollie
Translate text by tapping & holding on the tweet, then scroll right in share actions & tap Translate
From everyone here at @iconfactory, here’s Ollie wishing you a #HappyHalloween #boo!
@mikebroberts You can. Tap & hold on a tweet. Mail.
@mcelhearn there you go.
Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow!
@alecperkins buttons still have shading, it's just changed. This is where iOS is heading, best to acclimate now.
@cdevroe Here you go!
@mixedCase Working here -
@dailysellout Like this -
@daBuzzd Click the profile button in the toolbar.
@b737officeview Very strange. Working for us. Gotta be a twitter problem. Let me know if it persists.
@juan_juanfabri From the more actions menu (...)

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