Timo in closely followed by Lucas as expected. Lucas has a bit of catching up to do.
17 cars on track. It's looking quite busy on the gps map  #F1
Timo off to join in the fun #F1
Timo is doing some practice starts. Trying to get a pic as he drives past is impossible!
Twitter servers struggling already :-( here's Lucas  #F1
Three minutes to go. All ready  #F1
The CEO hard at work on our office. Pic if the view coming next
Dave and marc applying branding to our pit  #F1
Walking across the pontoon on way into the paddock
In traffic on way in to circuit. Weather looking ok so far
Veronica is being tucked up for the night. All under control at vr central and an early night for the boys
Jonathan legard out running the track  #F1
Just in case  @GrandPrixDiary or  @realTimoGlock are wondering what others in the team might be eating!
At crystal palace for the historic motorsport event. Here's a typical competitor
Our view of the finish. Congrats to @aussiegrit ! #f1
Just got this from Antoinette on the marussia boat :-)
VR ate just about to visit Amber lounge for the fashion show. Should be fun!
View from lucas' apartment. Not too shabby :-)
Engineers at work. A lot of people think Friday in Monaco is a day off, but it's not #f1
Fresh food on sale in the Monaco Market. Makes a change from caps & t shirts! #f1
To show there's no jealousy here's a shot of our next door motorhome for @McLarenBoy
iPhone not good at nighttime harbour shots #fail
Miles out! Closer next time please! At least Lucas seems quite happy with the car. Difficult to tell as track damp
@v_craft because the track goes round one of this big pools you can swim in ;-)

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