Lucas being pushed back from the swimming pool. Perhaps he wanted to cool off ? He's back out now
Tracy, our PR diva looks on as nick is interviewed  #f1
Engineering meeting in progress. Talking through the programme fir today  #f1
View from the virgin racing motorhome. Happy :-)
Timo on his way out. Past the gas cylinders!
A rubbish picture but it gives you an idea ;-)  #f1
Pit stop for timo
Another short run planned for Lucas.
The rear wheel marks after timo's pullaway.
That wall is close!  #f1
Timo just out and trying a practice start at the pit lane exit  #f1
Both cars in after the installation lap. Lucas happy. Timo wants a couple of small adjustments.
Lucas in the old spec car
Calm before the storm. Team standing to attention. 90 secs to go  #f1
Last time we were here there was snow on montmelo. Today you can't see it through the haze.  #f1
We have a wall directly in front of where the cars will be stopping. This is what timo&lucas will see!
Timo's engine cover. Complete with new full tilt sponsorship  #f1
Elation on the pitwall!
Can't tell you how nerve racking it is for these guys. All of us actually!
View from the pits of a pitstop  #f1
Our first ever pitstop! Lucas due in next  #f1
Richard B and the boys
Is it still raining? We are on inters I think
Tyres on timo's car. 2 mins before formation lap. We don't move until the start.

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