@nige4tographer Check it out!!!! Seeing them Sat evening at @VoodooNola thanks to the incredible @jeremydoyle
Blue skull cocktails v good way to start Halloween in New Orleans
@falseneutral you were right about most of the folk here - v soupy - and bar situation a bit mad - too many cooks!
Finally discovered that bread is not that scary to make - and no bread machine required!
Making cakes much more fun than going to work :)
You know you’re out in the sticks when you stumble across a secret batcave!
RT @qmacro: Sunday afternoon walk in the rain http://t.co/w0VPklBC >> no rain here!! Only cold beer ;)
Sweet! Can feel the heat from the Cauldron from our seats at the athletics
Weather here in Swansea is a bit mixed up - blue sunny skies and deep dark storm clouds
Missing the athletics for another major sporting fixture - tour of the Liberty Stadium, Swansea!
@TeamGB #Volleyball ladies playing well against Algeria … nail biting - but why is it on so late …
A most mysterious big red something on the Southbank ….
#OlympiskUnnarenn2012 Oslo at 9:30pm
First go at chocolate macaroons (with black cherry Marsala filling) - not very pretty but damn tasty!
@njames you mean you don't miss this!?
So far it's been grey wet rainy wet and grey - yay for snug local bar with free wifi and large cold beers
New Year Swim - the advert and the reality
New Year Swim - the advert and the reality
New Year Swim - the advert and the reality
Welsh English mix up on French menu that @jeremydoyle wasn't too pleased about
Happy New Year for all y'all in Britain an hour behind the party here
Doesn't look like Swansea are doing that well against Man U
First bake for a while - caraway and fig cake - inspired by Hugh FW http://m.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/nov/11/caraway-recipes-hugh-fearnley-whittingstall?cat=lifeandstyle&type=article
Huge gluten free carrot cake - flying apron recipe - went down quite well

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