U.S. Coast Guard silent drill team at the WPS All-Star Game presented by the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve #WPS #WPSASG
PR vs New Media Game w/ @ljbarks @william2993 @thechristamann @jeffkassouf (con't)
FSCs @markrogondino warming up 4 pregame feature. y is he in goal? Tune in @7:30pm ET 2morrow 2 see! #WPSASG #WPS
KSU press box! @jeffkassouf @g_albanesejr @Jenna_awk @katgalsim @rdpenner @thechristamann #WPSASG #WPS
KSU press box! @jeffkassouf @g_albanesejr @Jenna_awk @katgalsim @rdpenner @thechristamann #WPSASG #WPS
Click to see the #WPSASG Marta XI #WPS
Click to see the #WPSASG abby XI #WPS
Some wheeling and dealing at the #WPSASG pick em event?  #WPS final decision = no trades.
Marta XI picks Sonia bompastor
Hope solo takes her place as the Abby XI goalkeeper!  @hopesolo
About to start the #WPSASG pick em event! @jennhildreth and @wpscommissioner   #WPS
#WPSASG coaches Paul Riley (left) and Albertin montoya (right) with skip thorpe in between (Philly asst) #WPS
Getting ready 4 the #WPSASG #WPS live audio from the pick 'em event in downtown atlanta! @klush17 @jeffkassouf
Watch the mention of @Chicagoredstars and #WPS on last night's episode of the good wife on CBS

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Women's Professional Soccer: The premier women's soccer league in the world.

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